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Biofilter Bag (Biological Filter Bag)

For safe, happy, and comfortable fish 

Country Lifestyle  Biofilter Bag for your filter media to cultivate bacteria growth.
Why do I need a biofilter?
Biofilter is a device which removes Ammonia and other poisonous nitrogen compounds from aquarium water.
Water flows from the aquarium into the biofilter which houses bacteria on media.
Bacteria live in the media and digest waste from the water as it passes through the media, then clean water is returned to the aquarium.
Bacteria live on the surfaces of any material in the filter, and can be made from many products in different configurations such as corals, sponges, corrugated tubes and pipes, drinking straws and many different mesh weaves.
The Role of Bacteria
Micro organisms play a vital role in the normal biological cycle.
Bacteria are the most important biological converters of organic wastes (animal and plant life ) to water, new cells and gases.
Bacteria generally thrive in a pH range from 6.5 to 8.5 and will not survive at a pH of less than 4.3 or above 10.5
The Biological Cycle
Aerobic Microbes in water feed on organic matter and dissolved oxygen to form additional cells. Carbon dioxide and water are the end products.
Almost all toxic waste can be removed from water using bacteria. Some synthetic toxins are exceptions to this rule.
The rate at which organic waste is consumed depends upon the size and variety of bacterial population.
( more efficient bacteria =faster conversion of waste )
Maintaining Water Quality In An Aquatic Environment
Water quality is important to aquatic organisms as air quality is to you and I, every molecule of waste product will affect the health of your aquarium.
In the natural environment all waste in the form of organic compounds will eventually be broken down into gases and elements.The organisms most suited to the existing conditions break down waste and still maintain a healthy aquarium.
Treatment of waste products from other industries such as food processing, chemical manufacturing, textiles, brewing and distilling can also benefit from biological effluent treatment processes suited to individual waste streams.

With Country Lifestyle Biofilter Bag, you can be confident that generous colonies of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria will be available to purify your water at all times.

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1) 50cm x 60cm (0.5cm mesh)

2) 60cm x 60cm (findly mesh)



Corals as filter media & to cultivate bacteria growth.

 ZEOLITE for reducing Ammonia concentration & to improve water quality.

Small, Medium, Large

Large (4cm x 5cm)             Small (2cm x 3cm )

          S$ 19.50  ( 10 kg + Biofilter Bag )

S$ 18.50  ( 5 kg + Biofilter Bag )

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